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  • Big Data

    Smart manufacturing generates large, automatically recorded volumes of data which no longer can be analyzed using traditional methods. Evaluating this information and drawing the right conclusions is one of
    the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This requires powerful data analytics to identify weak points, optimization potential and trends.


    Cyber-physical systems are computer-controlled sociotechnical systems which acquire data on their own and actively influence processes. They utilize the Internet and are deployed in logistics, production and management. Cyber-physical systems are at the core of smart manufacturing.

  • Smart Factory

    Smart factories are manufacturing environments in which products and production facilities communicate with each other, allowing for optimal control of the manufacturing process. Everything from logistics to power supply to infrastructure is networked using interactive technologies, resulting in a direct exchange of information.

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    The Internet of Things holds tremendous promise. Using the right software, objects are able to capture information, communicate with each other and respond to situations via the Internet. In smart industrial environments, this capability is actively leveraged to boost efficiency.

  • Machine to machine (M2M)

    M2M describes the sharing of information between end devices such as machines, storage containers and vehicles, either with each other or with a central system. In production environments, this automatic exchange of information via the Internet increases productivity and saves resources.

  • Predictive Maintenance (PM)

    Predictive maintenance aims to reduce production downtimes. Measuring and monitoring equipment is used to schedule facility maintenance ahead of time, taking into account service life, operating conditions and the current state of the facility.

  • Mass Customization

    This seeming contradiction is a distinct industrial trend. Its goal is to customize mass-produced items using variations of key features. This enables demand- driven production and makes it possible to precisely meet customer needs.

  • Agile Manufacturing

    Agile manufacturing is driven by what customers want. This allows companies to respond quickly and flexibly to customer or market needs without any loss in quality or additional costs. Derived from lean manufacturing, the agile manufacturing concept results in a clear competitive edge.


Proven Productivity

Making our customers more competitive

David Dean, CEO Bossard Group

Getting ahead together with our customers means developing solutions that are better, faster, more efficient and more cost-effective and hence help our customers outperform their competition. At Bossard, we call this holistic view "Proven Productivity".

Realize the vision of Smart Factory Logistics

Bossard Smart Factory Logistics not only provides smooth and reliable B- and C-part management, but enables the transformation of your production. The time tested and proven methodology builds on the Internet of Things, thus uncovering hidden potential for productivity improvements and facilitating your supply chain optimization. Position your company ahead of others with Smart Factory Logistics.

How customers benefit from Bossard solutions

Thomas Siegenthaler

Production Manager Traction Converters, ABB Switzerland Ltd.

Successful partnership for a lean factory

“The traction converter is at the heart of every train. We produce such converters in the ABB plant in Turgi. Our customers – train anufacturers – have high expectations of us. To cope with, we need lean workflows, flexible processes and, of course, maximum productivity. Since the implementation of SmartBin, I haven't come across any missing C-parts. This ensures reliability and lies at the heart of process stability and timely handling and delivery of our products. I firmly believe that the close partnership between Bossard and ABB was a crucial factor in the project’s success, a quantifiable success that is evident each and every month. That’s what I call Proven Productivity.”

YD Meng

General Manager Bühler (China) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

We chose Bossard not just because of their products but their philosophy of Proven Productivity.

“Bühler is a world-leading producer of food processing machinery. There are many successful cases of our cooperation with Bossard in joint project teams. We are working together on our global supply chain. This includes products as well as efficient processes. Bossard shows us product solutions and logistic concepts, like SmartBin, that help us to reduce costs and to improve productivity. I think this is the biggest value Bossard brings to us.”

Shi Yanyu

General Manager Excavator Division, SDLG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Close cooperation increases product safety and reduced inventory by 75 %.

“At SDLG’s headquarters in Linyi, we produce 20,000 excavators and 50,000 wheel loaders every year. For us, safety is our top priority. Initially, screws from other uppliers were breaking during the assembly. Now, the fastener solutions from Bossard guarantee the safety of our machines, which helped us to lower process costs and to increase productivity. In addition, by introducing SDLG to SmartBin, we were able to reduce our stock level by 75% without compromising availability. We will for sure strengthen our cooperation with Bossard for improved product solutions and logistics.”

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